Virtulization Expo



"Simplicity is the Solution"


You are Invited to the Virtualization Expo!


September 14, 2010 at the Fox Sports Grill: 11am – 1pm

261 19th Street, Atlanta: 404-207-1369

Virtual Data Products is proud to bring together two of the industry's hottest virtualization product vendors for an afternoon of valuable information. All the featured products are designed with improving and enhancing your virtualization environment and saving your company money.

We will also be giving a way an Apple iPad to a lucky participant


GreenBytes – Unified inline deduplication SAN / NAS storage featuring next-generation Hybrid Storage Architecture (HSA)                                   

GreenBytes® has developed the GB-X Series of high-performance inline deduplicating storage appliances that incorporate energy-efficient technologies and the highest levels of scalability in an easy-to-use, cost-effective package, designed to bring the benefits of data deduplication to the broader storage market.  Come and see why they were a Red Herring 100 Winner!





Virtensys  - Award Winning I/O Virtualization Switch Technology for the Datacenter 

Network Products 2010 Product Innovation Awards and VMworld 2009 Best New Technology Award

Virtensys’ award-winning I/O virtualization switches are evolving how servers are deployed in data centers by eliminating PCI Express-based I/O adapters from servers and consolidating them into a single pool. The VIO-4000 Series IOV switches create virtual images of each I/O adapter that are then presented to each connected server. The physical I/O adapters are shared between the servers without requiring any changes to the servers, Operating Systems, I/O adapters or device drivers. The switches connect to the servers via the server-native PCI Express interconnect and eliminate the network &storage cables and access layer switches from the rack. The I/O virtualization switches manage the entire I/O infrastructure as a single entity. As a result, servers need only to be wired once; the I/O resources are dynamically allocated and modified from a remote web console, eliminating the need for physical reconfiguration.