"Simplicity is the Solution"


I/O Virtualization Switches
VIO-4000 Series

The industry’s best price / performance and lowest energy consumption for

servers’ network and storage connectivity




Consolidates and virtualizes LAN

and SAN connectivity to servers


Consolidate and virtualize LAN

and DAS connectivity to servers


Virtensys’ award-winning I/O virtualization switches are evolving how servers are deployed in data centers by eliminating PCI Express-based I/O adapters from servers and consolidating them into a single pool. The VIO-4000 series IOV switches create virtual images of each I/O adapter that are then presented to each connected server. The physical I/O adapters are shared between the servers without requiring changes to the servers, Operating Systems, I/O adapters or devicedrivers. The switches connect to the servers via the server-native PCI Express interconnect and eliminate the network & storage cables and access layer switches from the rack. The I/O virtualization switches manage the entire I/O infrastructure as a single entity. As a result, servers need only to be wired once; the I/O resources are dynamically allocated and modified from a remote web console, without the need for physical reconfiguration. The VIO-4000 series switches do not require the deployment of a new network and are the industry’s only I/O virtualization switches that are deployed without any modification to the existing servers or networks in the data center. The switches support all the major networking and storage connectivity including Ethernet, Fibre Channel, FCoE, iSCSI and SAS/SATA. The VIO-4000 switches deliver the industry’s best server I/O price/performance and lowest energyconsumption for accessing network and storage infrastructures through traditional or converged networks.


  • 60% reduction in server connectivity costs
  • 70% decrease in I/O energy consumption
  • 70% reduction in I/O component and cable count
  • 60% decrease in servers’ management complexity
  • and operational expenses
  • Increased I/O utilization to more than 80%
  • Wire Once. Dynamically reconfigure and repurpose
  • servers and connectivity without any physical change
  • Enhanced reliability and increased MTBF
  • Extended data center life cycle








 Today’s Inefficiencies

Inflexible, rigid server adapters

Wasted space, power & cooling

Multiple cables, access switches

 Virtensys Advantage

Flexible, I/O connectivity on demand

Higher density, less power & cooling

Faster deployment, more manageable




Product Features

  • 19”, 2U rack mountable switch
  • 16 server connection ports
  • Consolidates and virtualizes up to 4 commercial off-theshelf
    I/O adapters and share them between the connected servers:
  • 2x dual port Intel 10-Gigabit Ethernet adapters
  • (VIO-4001 and VIO-4008 models)
  • 2x dual port 4-Gigabit QLogic Fibre Channel adapters
  • (VIO-4001 model only)
  • 2x dual port 6-Gigabit LSI SAS/SATA RAID HBAs
  • (VIO-4008 model only)
  • Delivers virtual I/O adapters to each connected server:
  • Virtual adapters emulate exactly the physical adapters
  • I/O vendor certified adapter device drivers run
  • unmodified on servers
  • Connects to server using server-native PCI Express interconnect:
  • X4 PCIe Gen 1 at 10Gbps and X4 PCIe Gen 2 at 20 Gbps
  • Works seamlessly in traditional (non-virtualized) and in
  • cloud / virtualized server environment including
    Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Linux, VMware ESX 4.0 and Red Hat 5.3
  • Delivers full LAN and SAN connectivity bandwidth to servers
  • Supports active/active and active/passive redundancy models


  • Hot-swap power supply
  • Hot-swap redundant fans
  • Remote management 10/100/1000MB LAN port
  • 8 x 3.5” hot-plug disk bays (VIO-4008 model only)

Virtensys Management Software Suite

Virtensys Remote Web Console

Create virtual adapters from physical adapters and allocate a portion of available bandwidth

Assign virtual adapters to servers view and export reports of connectivity

Set rules for dynamic I/O allocation to servers supports localization and internationalization

Supports OEM branding and customization

Virtensys CLI, APIs and Protocols

Scriptable command line interface for automation

SNMP/CIM/IPMI support for data center integration

Health Monitoring

IPMI 2.0 for active system health monitoring

Alerts and events for monitored components


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