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"Simplicity is the Solution"

Start Simplifying


Start Simplifying

Costly, unplanned server and storage sprawl wastes money, time, and space. Virtualization promises to help, but you want to make an informed decision.

Reveal Your IT Resources

Deliver new projects faster and with less hardware. Virtualization with Dell is simple, logical and pervasive so it’s better, faster, with no lock-in agenda.

Virtualization enters the Mainstream
Best VMark 2-Socket and 4-socket     Virtualization performance
Flexible Virtualization with EqualLogic PS    Series iSCSI Storage
Case Study: Mazda Zooms with Dell

Richer applications and increasing regulatory requirements are driving an explosion of data, while users want broader, faster access. Can your budget keep up?

Reveal Your IT Resources

Dell’s success as the fastest growing storage solution provider  is built upon our innovative  product portfolio that is the easiest to deploy, manage and grow.

Reducing Storage Complexity

Power, cooling and space eat   upmore and more of your IT budget, the market is increasingly focused on environmental responsibility, but you can’t sacrifice service levels.

Reveal Your IT Resources

Dell’s comprehensive suite of efficient solutions helps save energy and money, and empowers you to be environmentally responsible, from the desktop to the data center.

The Energy Smart Data Center


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