"Simplicity is the Solution"

Where extreme versions of nimble, fast, and dense storage meet the mid-market to provide enterprise-class

solutions.Find out what uncompromised value on every level really looks like.

Enterprise Class SAS Storage for the Broadest Range of Requirements 

High speed – blazing SAS and SSD IOPS and read/write throughput performance


High density – 42 drive bays in only 4U providing up to 25.2TB of SAS capacity


Flexible – combine SAS, SSD and SATA drives in the same chassis for separate storage tiers


Reliable – enterprise-class quality with fully redundant components 


Energy Efficiency – Nexsan's AutoMAID™ ultra green technology delivering up to 60% in energy savings


SASBeast Overview
2 big needs. 1 small solution. Conquer transaction performance and high capacity in the same storage system. Whether you need high performance (for Exchange) or high capacity (for disk to disk backup, file servers or storing large amounts of content), SASBeast provides the speed and capacity to meet the broadest range of storage requirements.

SASBeast delivers the industry’s best value by combining enterprise SAS and SSD performance with the density, reliability, affordability and energy efficiency Nexsan is known for.

Built for Performance...
Blazing SAS and SSD IOPS and read/write throughput performance make SASBeast the perfect choice for transactional and/or database intensive applications (Exchange, SQL, Oracle, etc.). SASBeast’s high availability architecture features full redundancy across all active components and delivers industry leading reliability for enterprise class environments.
And Capacity...
Innovatively engineered to reliably mix SAS, SSD and SATA disks in the same SASBeast chassis, the user is provided separate storage tiers for different applications. Use the SAS or SSD storage tiers for performance intensive applications and the SATA storage tier for capacity intensive applications. Nexsan is changing the rules of storage by allowing the user to meet the broadest range of storage requirements in a single chassis.
Unprecedented Energy Savings
SASBeast exclusively features the ground breaking energy saving benefits of AutoMAID™ technology which places disks in an idle state during inactivity while providing near-instantaneous access to data when needed. AutoMAID uniquely delivers the benefits of green without the limitations.

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