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A True Zero Client      

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Making Virtual Desktops Easy

Pano provides everything you need to easily and rapidly deploy virtual desktops across your organization. The Pano Device was purpose-built for server-based desktop virtualization and has no CPU, no memory, no operating system and no drivers eliminating any maintenance at the desktop while still providing a complete Microsoft Windows user experience. In the datacenter, Pano Manager leverages the industry-standard VMware Virtual Infrastructure, letting you quickly get virtual desktops in place while still providing the robust scalable architecture already proven in many server virtualization projects.

Pano centralizes and consolidates Windows desktops making IT support, as well as new user provisioning and business continuity much more effective. Pano provides a simple, risk-free way to try virtual desktops in your organization today.

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Improved IT Productivity and up to 70% reduction in TCO

By moving all software off the desktop and onto the server, Pano reduces traditional Windows desktop Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by up to 70 percent - saving $3200 per desktop over three years.

  • Pano desktop devices have no software, so they require no software updates and cannot host malware
  • Physical visits to the desktop endpoint by IT personnel are eliminated, letting you provision new users and resolve trouble tickets without ever leaving the datacenter
  • Software installations and upgrades are performed only on the server, ensuring reliable and secure operation
  • Consolidating physical desktops to centralized servers efficiently shares hardware investments across the entire user population, providing better performance and increasing utilization rates
  • Pano consumes less than 5 watts - 3% of a typical PC - making it the ultimate green alternative and increasing your ROI

Beyond reducing TCO, Pano also boosts end user productivity by reducing downtime and providing fast, automated recovery from application errors without Help Desk calls by letting end-users automatically provision a new virtual machine to be back up and running in minutes.

Strong security at the desktop

Because it has no software, the Pano Device provides a completely secure endpoint that is immune to viruses and other malware. Pano gives IT centralized access control to all USB ports. Pano security features include:

  • USB security - granular access control can be set easily per desktop based on type of peripheral.
  • Information leakage prevention - locally connected storage can be disabled to prevent users from copying information to local devices, including any USB devices such a flash memory keys.
  • Network security - Traffic is protected using 128-bit AES encryption.

Everything you need to go virtual

The complete Pano solution includes the Pano Device client hardware, Pano Desktop Service and Pano Manager software along with comprehensive technical support from Pano Logic and our resellers and partners. For customers new to virtualization, Pano includes automated installation tools and our resellers and partners can help you deploy a virtualized desktop architecture in just hours. For customers already using virtualization to consolidate their servers, Pano installs on top of existing VMware ESX or ESXi "bare-metal" hypervisor deployments. All of the Pano components are included in one easy to purchase license.

Our partners and resellers can also help you with VMware Virtual Infrastructure and Microsoft Windows licensing and help deploy the optimal server and storage hardware needed to get you started. Pano is the industry leader in virtual desktops – let us help you with the fastest, most convenient path to success in going virtual.


A complete desktop virtualization solution

Pano is the quickest way to a complete desktop virtualization solution.

The Pano solution consists of a Pano devices on users desktops connected to server-based Pano Manager software and VMware-hosted virtual desktops.


The Pano device is a purpose-built desktop virtualization device and contains no CPU, no memory, no operating system, no drivers, no software and no moving parts. The Pano device connects over an existing IP network to an instance of Microsoft Windows OS virtualized on a datacenter server.

The Pano solution also includes a number of software components all of which can be deployed through a single, wizard-based Windows installer in under an hour. The installation includes:

Pano Manager - Pano's centralized web-based service and management interface enables administrators to manage the entire virtual desktop installation by integrating with existing directory services and virtual infrastructure managers.

Pano Desktop Service - A lightweight service residing within each desktop virtual machine links peripherals attached to the Pano to the unmodified Windows drivers residing in the virtual machine. This design guarantees that all existing Windows drivers will work without modification.

Virtualization Layer - VMware ESX and VMware Server provides virtualized processor, memory, storage and networking resources to multiple desktop virtual machines, providing greater utilization and increased resilience. Enterprises that are already experienced with VMware Infrastructure 3 and have an existing deployment of VMware ESX can install the Pano software into their existing VMware environment


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