"Simplicity is the Solution"

Where extreme versions of nimble, fast, and dense storage meet the mid-market to provide enterprise-class

solutions.Find out what uncompromised value on every level really looks like.

Uncompromised Value on Every Level

Let's face it. Most storage vendors force you to compromise - choose a true enterprise-class solution to meet your needs or a commodity product to fit your budget. With Nexsan, there is no compromise.

What does uncompromised value look like? It starts with efficiency.

Some talk about storage efficiency, using terms like reduction, virtualization and provisioning. Yet, the biggest opportunity for efficiency is in the actual storage array itself. Simply put, Nexsan provides more storage capacity while consuming less power, less space and fewer dollars:

Power Efficiency: Up to 60% less power than the competition
Space Efficiency. Half the space of other storage products
Cost Efficiency. Up to 50% less than competitive products

Let's compare. Nexsan eliminates almost nine metric tons of CO2 that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere by a typical 42 TB solution. Moreover, Nexsan delivers unique green efficiencies without compromising storage performance.

There's more. A typical array can only place five disks into each unit of rack space. A Nexsan storage system reliably delivers over 10 disks per unit. Twice the capacity, half the power . . . in the same space. What could be more efficient?

Delivering all that efficiency at half the cost.

Value for the Mid Market

Customers initially buy Nexsan solutions because of our industry-leading efficiency. And once they do, they discover the value proposition continues to deliver with: Fast. Reliable. Easy to Use Storage.

"Nexsan's storage systems continue to deliver terrific performance, rock-solid reliability and simplified operation."
- Scott Stock, IT Manager, Erie and Niagra Insurance Association

"Nexsan delivered the most powerful, reliable and easy to use storage solutions available, adding a higher level of performance and efficiency to our organization."
- Larry Chou, Network Manager, Bates White

"Nexsan truly delivers when it comes to simplicity, performance, stellar reliability...and value."
- Kevin Harrington, CIO, Franklin Synergy Bank

While Nexsan solutions are used by some of the largest enterprises in the world, they are the favorite of mid-market organizations. That's because mid-market IT professionals will tell you they face a real dilemma when purchasing storage: it's either over-invest to buy a true enterprise-class solution to meet their needs or settle instead for a commodity product to fit their budget. With Nexsan, you don't have to make that choice. There is no compromise.

That's what we mean by uncompromised storage value at every level. That's the Nexsan promise. 

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