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OneAppliance™ TurboCharger™


The GridIron OneAppliance™ TurboCharger™ is a SAN-attached Data Accelerator appliance that boosts the performance of your applications by providing up to 1000 times faster access to application datasets. Getting maximum performance from revenue-generating applications is critical to the financial success of your company. The explosive growth of enterprise data and the rich, real-time analytics demanded by businesses are challenging the performance of many applications.

While application servers with multi-core processors and high-speed memory have the necessary horsepower, storage systems based predominantly on mechanical spinning disks have created a huge I/O performance gap between the server and storage that severely hampers application performance.

The TurboCharger is deployed between the server and storage, where it continuously profiles the data access behavior of applications and creates a heuristics-driven map of the data space. I/O requests from applications are fulfilled instantaneously based on the real-time data map, dramatically improving application performance.

GridIron Dramatically Boosts Application Performance

GridIron TurboCharger

  • Is an appliance that leverages Flash, DRAM, proprietary hardware, and software to accelerate your current storage
  • Is operationally transparent to the application and makes traditional storage run faster.
  • Is independent of the database or DWH and makes them run 10x faster at 1/10th the cost of a DWH appliance!

With the TurboCharger installed, your Oracle databases, Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC), Oracle E-Business Suite, and filers will run faster at a fraction of the cost of other options. Your NAS clients will experience better performance regardless of protocol because NFS, CIFS, HTTP, and even iSCSI are accelerated when the back-end Fibre Channel storage has been speeded up 1000x by GridIron.

The GridIron TurboCharger delivers incredible cost savings by allowing you to fully leverage your current storage, servers, databases, applications, processes, and personnel — unlike alternatives that are expensive, power-hungry, and often require forklift upgrades.


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