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GreenBytes has developed a series of energy-efficient, high-performance inline deduplicating storage appliances designed for both traditional deduplication and primary storage environments. The combination of real-time deduplication and other performance benefits with the GreenBytes File System (GBFS) opens the door to a new paradigm of storage applications for primary storage.

Data Protection is optimally a multi-faceted approach to ensuring business continuity in the event of unplanned loss or other unintended alterations of critical business data. GreenBytes’ high-performance, inline deduplication appliances provide flexible solutions, including support for industry leading products from Symantec for data protection challenges that reduce cost and simplify processes for this mission-critical activity.
Virtual operating system environments pose new and interesting challenges for IT architects and administrators. The benefits of VM/VDI are achieved if there is truly a reduction of system resources and management oversight required to configure and maintain these environments. GreenBytes GB-X Series appliances provide an exciting new alternative to help achieve a high-performance and economical platform for the deployment of virtual servers and desktops.

About the GB-X Series

High-Performance SSD Accelerated Inline Deduplicating SAN and NAS Appliances

Featuring the world’s fastest, most efficient next-generation storage architecture, GreenBytes’ GB-X Series storage appliances combine highly innovative software technology and advanced power management design with a world-class server platform to address the storage and energy efficiency crises facing today’s IT operations.

GB-X Series appliances incorporate energy-efficient technologies and the highest levels of scalability in an easy-to-use, cost-effective package, purpose-built to bring the benefits of data deduplication beyond data protection and into the primary storage market.


















Featuring next-generation storage architecture in a 1U form factor, and priced below $10,000, the GB-1000 delivers the same features as larger GB-X Series appliances but at an unprecedented performance/price ratio. The GB-1000 delivers real-time deduplication and restore performance, and unlike competing deduplication appliances, GB-1000 provides the performance, as well as connectivity and data management features that allow it to operate superbly in either data protection or primary storage environments. Additionally, inline deduplication, in conjunction with production-level performance, also makes the GB-1000 ideal for virtualized environments where efficiencies of disk can reach above 50:1.

GreenBytes’ GB-1000 appliance features 4TB with further scalability via enhanced disk drive densities.



Powerful and efficient storage in a 2U form factor, the GB-2000 storage appliance is purpose-built to bring the benefits of data deduplication to the broader storage market in an easy-to-use, energy-efficient package. Based on GreenBytes' file operating system (GBFS), the GB-2000 is ideal for the performance challenges of primary storage and the scaling, application support and DR requirements for backup operations.

GreenBytes' GB-2000 appliance is easily and efficiently scalable from an entry point of 12 TB up to 60 TB.




Designed for primary storage, long-term “online” archive and data protection environments, the GB-4000 storage appliance is purpose-built to bring the benefits of inline data deduplication to the broader storage market. Leveraging its high throughput and I/O performance in conjunction with the rich features of the GreenBytes file operating system (GBFS), the GB-4000 features a price point and scalable roadmap that makes it more accessible than any competing product on the market today.

GreenBytes' GB-4000 appliance is easily and efficiently scalable from an entry point of 24 TB up to 216 TB.






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