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ExaGrid Deduplication - The iSCSI Backup Gateway for Dell

ExaGrid iSCSI Backup Gateway with Dell EqualLogic PS Series Storage

A Cost-effective Disk-based Data Deduplication Backup Solution for iSCSI Storage, the EX5000 GWi

IT departments of all sizes are grappling with the problem of how to back up increasing amounts of data. Tape backups are cumbersome, unreliable, and time consuming. And as the amount of data that organizations need to back up grows, so does the time it takes to back up that data with tape. Disk can deliver fast and reliable backups but can get expensive quickly. For most companies, changing their backup operations makes sense when disk is available at the cost of tape.

ExaGrid iSCSI Backup Gateway, with data deduplication deployed with Dell EqualLogic PS series storage arrays provides organizations with a disk-based backup solution that delivers on the promise of backing up to disk at the same or lower price than many tape-based approaches.

The ExaGrid EX5000 GWi iSCSI Backup Gateway with data deduplication is the only iSCSI solution in the market. ExaGrid:

  • Eliminates failed backups and restores
  • Greatly reduces your backup window
  • Works with your existing backup application
  • Delivers disk-based backup with compression/data deduplication at the cost of tape
  • Provides an optional WAN-efficient offsite system for tape replacement and disaster recovery

Dramatic Reduction in Backup and Restore Times

Trying to back up an ever increasing amount of data during a constantly shrinking backup window has forced organizations to live with backups running into critical business hours and interfering with application and network performance or user productivity. Many find they have to make the difficult decision to cancel backups prematurely, leaving large segments of critical data unprotected.

With ExaGrid Systems and Dell EqualLogic, these problems can be eliminated. The use of an ExaGrid iSCSI Backup Gateway with Dell EqualLogic storage arrays will help ensure that you can complete your backups in the shortest possible time. And when you need that data, you can restore it very quickly.

Disk-based Backup at the Price of Tape

One of the dynamics that has held tape-based products in place in an organization's backup strategy is price. Though disk has always been a better choice for backup, it was just too expensive to keep weeks, months, or years worth of backups on disk.

Now, through the combination of ExaGrid's iSCSI Gateway and Dell EqualLogic storage arrays, you can realize the potential of disk-based backup at a cost that is the same or in some cases even less than tape. ExaGrid's unique byte-level data deduplication works directly with large capacity, great performance Dell EqualLogic PS Series iSCSI SANs to dramatically reduce the amount of disk space required to store all of your organization's backup data by 10, 20, or even 50 to 1.

Off-site disk-based protection for backup data

The costs and hassle to handle, transport, secure and store tapes at off-site locations for disaster recovery was once a necessary evil. Using ExaGrid's Systems iSCSI Deduplication Gateway and Dell EqualLogic storage arrays, organizations can nearly eliminate the need to restore from tape, even when the restore is coming from an off-site copy of the backup data. Byte level data deduplication not only saves capacity for storing backups, it brings a 50 to 1 WAN efficiency ratio for transferring a copy of that data to an off-site location for disaster recovery protection. A secure connection assures data integrity while also alleviating hours of manual handling of tapes to-and-from locations.

The ExaGrid Systems and Dell EqualLogic Solution

ExaGrid Systems and Dell EqualLogic bring together the best elements of data deduplication and affordable, highly available, and easy to manage storage to enable the use of disk-based backup at a cost that is lower than tape-based technology.

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