"Simplicity is the Solution"

Where extreme versions of nimble, fast, and dense storage meet the mid-market to provide enterprise-class

solutions.Find out what uncompromised value on every level really looks like.



Consolidate multiple storage systems into centrally managed storage;


Simplify storage management with the latest tools including virtualization,

thin provisioning and storage tiering without the need for special agents

or capacity keys;


Protect data and sites with built-in mirroring, remote replication and snapshots;


Scale capacity to multiple petabytes or performance to 1000’s of MBs

without service disruption;


Support FC SAN and NAS with one, central solution;


Increase energy efficiency with Nexsan's revolutionary AutoMAID™

energy-saving technology greatly reducing power and cooling costs

DATABeast Overview
Nexsan DATABeast combines full-service storage management, scalability and mission-critical availability at a price point targeted for enterprises of all sizes. DATABeast consolidates large amounts of storage into a single, high-density, energy-efficient, easy-to-manage solution that can be economically expanded. The DATABeast’s data protection services create an environment where data and sites are protected against loss because they are easy to restore and quick to recover. If need be, operations can be migrated to another location. The DATABeast provides all necessary storage services, storage systems and infrastructure in a pre-assembled and pre-configured system with all redundant components installed and cabled. The DATABeast is designed to be rolled in, plugged in and set up rapidly. Simply attach it to your network and you are ready to configure your storage resources and deliver them to your applications
Full-Service Storage Management for All Your Data
Organizations do not purchase storage according to some generic market categorization, but according to their specific IT and business needs. Understanding this, Nexsan has an intriguing proposition with its new DATABeast offering. Although priced at a point that would traditionally earmark it for just small to mid-size enterprises, the DATABeast offers a combination of management features like virtualization, thin provisioning and storage tiering as well as data protection features like snapshots, mirroring and replication that extends its suitability to organizations of all sizes that are looking for a straightforward, strong price/performance storage package that also includes tiered energy-saving functionality.
Energy-Saving SAS and SATA
The DATABeast is integrated with SASBoy and SATABeast RAID storage and offers the energy-saving benefits of Nexsan's revolutionary AutoMAID™ technology. AutoMAID™ (Automatic Massive Array of Idle Disks) allows Nexsan storage systems to place their disk drives into several energy-saving levels without compromising application performance. This powerful combination of performance and energy savings enables users to lower the cost of owning storage.


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