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Assureon Advanced Features

More Secure

File Fingerprinting
Using advanced CAS (Content Addressable Storage) technology, Assureon protects the integrity of your data with innovative digital fingerprint technology. With Assureon’s original technology, a unique digital fingerprint is generated for each file using concatenated SHA1 and MD5 cryptographic algorithms. This next-generation approach provides the benefits of integrity while eliminating file collisions that can result in data loss in competitive products. Assureon’s fingerprint feature ensures the data you put on storage is the data you get back regardless of time
Physical Separation of Data
Individual applications, departments, organizations or businesses can share a single Assureon but have their own secure archive with dedicated storage to ensure physical data separation and privacy
Self Auditing and Self Healing
Assureon transparently checks the integrity of all stored files and automatically self-heals if any discrepancies are discovered
File Audit Trail
Assureon tracks all users and applications that access each file providing administrators with an unalterable audit trail of information access
File Availability Audit (Serialization)
Each file is given a unique inventory serial number. Assureon continually takes inventory of all stored files ensuring all files are present. Any missing files will be automatically replaced using a redundant copy
WORM Storage
WORM (write once read many) ensures retention periods are enforced and  provides file immutability. Once a file is archived, it cannot be changed and is protected against accidental or deliberate deletion, tampering, false file insertion and date or time altering
Assureon protects information privacy and security with AES256 encryption - the encryption level authorized by the US Government for Top Secret Classified Information. Assureon encryption services ensures the highest levels of file privacy and security
Secure File Deletion
Use compliant-level file deletion with encrypted and non-encrypted files. Optional 7-pass DOD wipe can be enabled for DOD data deletion
File Versioning
File versioning can retain only the last few versions of a file and automatically disposes older versions. The number of versions to be retained is fully configurable from 1 to all versions
Independent Date and Time Stamp
As part of the encryption key service, Assureon’s independent time source prevents modifications to the system’s time clock ensuring the integrity of retention periods. With Assureon there is no tampering to the system clock or the date stamp on the file itself
Redundant Architecture
Assureon is designed as a fully redundant, high availability system providing no single point of failure. This fault tolerant architecture ensures the highest levels of business continuity and continuous data availability
High Availability Storage
Supporting the innovative Assureon appliance is Nexsan’s highly reliable, green storage. The SATABeast, SASBoy and SATABoy provide redundant controllers, power supplies and fans along with support for RAID 6 to overcome double drive failures
High Density Storage
Optimize datacenter space while reducing power and cooling costs with Assureon high density architecture. Assureon storage systems deliver 42TB of capacity for every 4U of rack space providing users with one of the most space efficient solutions available

More Manageable

Compliant or Flexible Retention Periods
Use compliant-level retention periods to ensure data cannot be deleted before the end of the retention period. Use flexible retention periods for files that do not require regulatory compliance. Users can select retention types for each type of data being archived
Legal Holds
Legal holds can be placed on files to protect against file deletion when its retention period has expired. This ensures availability of files in cases of litigation or potential litigation
With CAS technology, store only a single instance of duplicate files maximizing storage efficiency. Meta data and retention policies will still be preserved for each instance
Active/Active Replication
Assureon has taken data replication to a whole new level with its digital fingerprint technology. Assureon combines active/active replication and automated failover/failback with innovative fingerprint technology to enable business continuity with data integrity
Assureon FSW (File System Watcher) Client
Configure host archive policies with Assureon FSW Client. Policies can be configured for different file folder locations and data categories including when to archive a file, retention periods and what is left behind (original file, shortcut, or nothing)
Assureon Edge
Extend Assureon archive service to include multiple remote offices, branches, facilities and even other businesses. See the Assureon Edge data sheet for more details
Assureon NFS and CIFS Interface
Assureon Edge can provide a CIFS and NFS interface. Files written to these Assureon shares can be automatically archived to Assureon based on pre-described configurable policies
Application Support
Assureon has been integrated with leading applications to provide a complete and secure disk archiving solution. These include: email archive, PACS, document management (ECM), financial reports (ERM/COLD), imaging and other applications
Assureon is an ideal platform for outsource management of archiving services.  See the Assureon for Storage Service Providers for more details

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