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Secure Online Disk Archive

  • Compliant-level privacy, integrity and longevity
  • Self-auditing, self-healing file management technology
  • Enterprise class manageability, scalability and energy efficiency
  • Affordable: enterprise class archive to meet your needs at a price to meet your budget

Privacy – Integrity – Longevity

Most storage systems provide you "hope" - hope about your data privacy, integrity and longevity. But there is some data that demands guarantees.

Can you guarantee a file. . .
     has not been tampered with?
     is safe from prying eyes?
     is not corrupted over time?

What you need is a storage system that is as secure as a safe deposit box and as easy to access as your wallet. Nexsan’s Assureon online disk storage archive provides the privacy, integrity and longevity of a digital safe deposit box with the high speed access of disk drive technology.

Assureon assures Privacy
Assureon ensures the privacy of data with innovative security features

Data Separation and Security
Every user or department can have their files in their own virtual safe deposit box. Within Assureon, your data is logically and physically separate from the rest of the data ensuring privacy and security.

Access Audit Trail
Assureon establishes an unalterable audit trail for the life of an archived file. Every time a file is accessed, a record is kept of who accessed it and when it was accessed.

Assureon assures Integrity
Assureon ensures the integrity of data with next generation self-auditing and self-healing technology

Fingerprint & Integrity
When data is archived, it is assigned its own unique fingerprint that stays with the file through its life cycle. If a single byte ever changes, the fingerprint will change. Revolutionary safeguards have been put into place to ensure that a file will retain its exact fingerprint through its life cycle.

Self-Auditing and Self-Healing
Assureon continually monitors files for fingerprint discrepancies protecting against tampering, viruses, corruption, accidental or deliberate deletion and theft. If discrepancies are discovered, Assureon notifies you and automatically self-heals the file.

Assureon assures Longevity
Assureon ensures the longevity of data with industry-leading file immutability technology

File Availability Audit
Assureon continual checks to ensure all files are present. If a file is missing, Assureon notifies you and automatically returns the file to its original state.

Automated Retention and Deletion
In a new world of regulatory compliance, you need to guarantee the retention and deletion of files. With automated integrity management and file immutability technology, Assureon protects against accidental or unauthorized file deletion and ensures you can retain files for compliant or flexible time periods as well as delete them when their retention period is over.

For a listing of Assureon’s full suite of enterprise class features, see Advanced Features.


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