The complexity of IT today means companies often spend 70% or more of their IT budget maintaining current systems ,

 leaving very little money to invest in finding ways for IT to help them grow and expand their business.

We don’t think this is the way it should be, and we don’t think you do either !


 "Simplicity is the Solution " 

        Virtual Data Products is committed to helping business Simplify IT.
        We want to reduce the headaches IT complexity creates for your business so you can spend more time and money differentiating your
        business from your competition.
        Virtual Data Products goal is to simplify the complexity of data storage, virtualization, and business solutions. 
        And we want to lower the costs associated with the acquisition, implementation, and management of these systems.
        All of our solutions offer a streamlined ROI and easy to understand upfront TCO.

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Solutions and Services

    Server and Desktop   Virtualization

    Server and Storage Consolidation

    Physical to Virtual Migration and Sizing

    Site Survey and Infrastructure Best Practices

    Storage and Network

    SAN and Backup Assessments

    Disk to Disk Backup and De-duplication

    Disaster Recovery and Business Continuance

    WAN Acceleration and Enhancement

    Unified SAN / NAS Storage

    Data Center Services and        Support

Leasing and Financing

Bandwidth / VOIP

Sales / Service / Consulting


 Key Vendors


    Servers, Storage SAN, NAS , Networks, Backup and Advanced Data Protection Solutions

    Virtualization of Server's, Applications, Desktops

    Leading provider of next generation energy efficient disk-based storage

    All flash and hybrid storage systems

    Backup Application aware D2D backup and de-duplication device


    Application Acceleration Products

    Enterprise iSCSI storage beyond time and space limits

    Cloud based storage with shared access anywhere 
in the world

    Datacenter Server Products and Virtualization

    Secure, Compliant Data Center Solutions and Fully Managed Services




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A Proud American Company !